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Aikido is a Japanese martial art based on a system of throws, joint locks, pins and other armed and unarmed techniques derived from Ju-jutsu, Jo-jutsu (staff) and Kenjutsu (sword). It is a highly effective system of self-defence and can be used against single or multiple attackers. 

Chief instructor Albi Solicari Sensei (4th Dan Aikikai) has practiced multiple martial arts in a career spanning 5 decades, including Judo, Karate, Shurinji Kempo, Japanese Swordsmanship and Aikido. After achieving a black belt in Karate, he made the transition into Aikido in the late 80s. He founded Agatsu Aikido Club in 2009 and was awarded his 4th Dan by Ulf Evenas Shinan (7th Dan Aikikai). He is a qualified Joint Aikikai Council (JAC) instructor and approved JAC Senior Coach / Coach Tutor (CL3). 

Agatsu Aikido Club was founded in 2009 in North London and is affiliated with the Aikikai Foundation, Japan and the UKA (United Kingdom Aikikai).

All levels welcome!

For more event details check out the Facebook events page 

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